I transitioned to an assistant professor of digital and sports media in the Zimmerman School of Advertising & Mass Communications at the University of South Florida beginning in fall 2019. I completed my Ph.D. in communication at USF in 2017 and served as a multimedia journalism instructor in the Z School between 2012-2019. I am also a documentary filmmaker and produce freelance video content. Prior to joining the university, I was a broadcast multimedia journalist for 12 years.


Broadly, my research interests are in media framing, race and media, sport communication, and sociology of sport. My methodological preferences include content and textual analysis, filmmaking, and ethnography. I believe that facts and images are "embedded in some larger system of meaning or frame" (Gamson et al., 1992), so I consider myself a social constructionist because life does not occur in isolation.

“The ethnographic job is a privilege, and it carries a responsibility to get it right and an authority that allows the professional to make that claim.”

Michael Agar, The Professional Stranger

Annual Convention

New Orleans, LA

April 4-7, 2021
Annual Convention

Seattle, WA

November 18-21, 2021



My dissertation project is complete and I graduated in December 2017. I produced the Tampa Technique documentary that remembers Central Avenue through film in an exploration of place and race situated during the Civil Rights Movement in Tampa.

I am lead author for a book titled CTE, Media, & the NFL. Its goal is to explore the role of mass media in constructing CTE as a public health issue, primarily centered around the NFL. We examine newspaper stories, popular culture films, and the NFL's mediated response through is a mixed methods analysis.